Energy Monitoring for Landlords

Energy Monitoring

Accurate energy monitoring on rental properties and bill tenants according to their actual usage. Our system provides remote, accurate consumption information to enable correct tenant re-charging, without the need for local site visits.

Our web service includes the ability to provide automated monthly invoicing for the accounts including the ability to handle accounts which have an accepted use built into to the rental just invoicing for the usage that exceeds the pre – set limit.

We can export the stored data to the web services as required and we provide graphical analysis of the data which can include supply voltage, supply current, supply frequency & supply power factor as well as energy consumption.

Our modems can also collect environmental data such as temperature, solar and wind speeds to provide a complete service.

Customers can purchase (PAYG) their electricity online at our website and the value of the purchase will be automatically downloaded to the electricity meter via our solution.

Features for your business

Real-time data analysis

Pre-set usage limits

Ability to purchase credit (PAYG)

Automated invoicing to tenants

Ability to monitor gas & water

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