Comfort MVHR

Comfort MVHR

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is an energy efficient form of ventilation which recovers most of the energy used to heat or cool a building. It is a continuous source of ventilation that extracts stale, moisture-laden air from a building and resupplies fresh, filtered air back in. This results in a comfortable and condensation free environment all year round.

ESL Comfort MVHR boosts the air quality in buildings by extracting pollutants produced in the building by activities such as cleaning, cooking etc and moisture which prevents high levels of humidity. This results in a cleaner air and reduced mould growths and dust mites.

Without a good ventilation system your home or building can experience a number of issues associated with poor ventilation. These issues include condensation and mould. When you choose to install an MVHR system you will benefit from not only improved air quality but also energy efficiency as MVHR uses very little energy compared to the more conventional air conditioning systems. They’re the only form of ventilation that cuts out almost all of the ventilation heat losses. This helps to reduce the heating demand of your building by recovering 90%+ of the heat that would have originally been lost.

comfort MVHR

Benefits of our Comfort MVHR

  • Comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy savings
  • Humidity control
  • Low maintenance (clean and change filters twice a year)

Heat Recovery systems are even better when you use them in synergy with our energy efficient heat sources (Eclipse Heating) and photovoltaic systems (generation PV) as they both work to reduce carbon emissions. 

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