Off-site Modular Building Solutions

Modular Construction

Off-site modular building is an optimized construction solution, designed to simplify all the technical aspects of building up to the PH15 energy efficiency standard.

We use modern methods of construction (MMC) to pre-cut the timber frame off-site. ESL ensures an appropriate quality of specification, early cost certainty and de-risks achieving excellent air tightness results.

Our modular housing system delivers high levels of performance while also using natural construction materials, these have low embodied energy & sequester carbon within the structure for the life time of the house.

An efficient whole house ventilation system ensures excellent indoor air quality and the associated health improvements from conditions such as asthma.

Scope of Services We Can Offer

  • Complete modular construction system
  • Full bespoke design and project management
  • Economical construction
  • Quick and easy build
  • Intensive material production
  • Certified materials for use
  • Technical advice
  • Building works