Eclipse Infared Heating Systems

Traditional airflow vs infared heat flow

Our infrared heating system uses technology that is super efficient at converting 100% electrical energy into heat all of the time. Compare this to a modern A-rated gas condensing boiler with minimum efficiency ratings of only 90%. If you have an old gas boiler, its efficiency is likely to be much less.

The radiant heat produced by infrared wave's warm materials and objects directly rather than the surrounding air, so the heat loss through air is drastically reduced.
Properties could save up to 90% from the estimated heat loss expected through poorly insulated homes or draughts using a conventional convection heating system.

Infrared light, a safe energy that replicates the light from the sun, offers a wide array of therapeutic benefits for various health conditions. Studies demonstrate that infrared helps enhance circulation in the skin, modulate sleep, ease pain, protect against oxidative stress, and relieve inflammation.

Scope of Services We Can Offer

  • Procurement and Supply
  • Design and Installation
  • Monitoring Installation Services
  • Facility Energy Management & Monitoring
  • Maintenance Services