Air Sourced Heating Solutions

Air Sourced Heating Diagram

Air Sourced Heating Solutions for residential and commercial applications. Offering capacities from 3kW all the way through to 16kW, our Heat Pump Range is the widest on the market, ensuring a system is available, whatever your heating and cooling needs. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the solutions are cost-effective with minimised environmental impact.

The new All in One solution from 3 to 16kW with 200L stainless tank with free maintenance. The “A” class pump provides a small foot print and ideal solution for new, retrofit homes.

Smart Cloud will activate remote maintenance service while end user is controlling and monitoring its heating and DHW remotely. This remote maintenance will save time, installation visits by connecting you to a powerful cloud infrastructure. Remote checker, remote error codes, remote set up functions… all this will be possible by installers with
CZ-TAW1 and end user acceptance.

Scope of Services We Can Offer

Procurement and Supply

Design and Installation

Monitoring Installation Services

Facility Energy Management & Monitoring

Maintenance Services