Energy Monitoring Systems

ESL i-on Energies Cloud

ESL can provide site energy monitoring services for your business. Monitoring your energy usage can help in deciding how to control and efficiently use the available energy in your facility. Contact us to find out how you can save by monitoring your energy usage for your private, industrial, academic, commercial, or business premises.

We will visit your premises to survey your current installation and also assessing your current energy demand. A proposal will be issued for a viable monitoring setup highlighting potential energy cost saving as well as payback period.

Our proposal will outline a solution that will result in the least changes to your facility by proposing like for like solutions where they already exist.

Feedback on the viability of a monitoring scheme showing the costs involved will then be issued.

Our aim will be to reduce the payback period of any new or additional measures by maximising the usage any low cost energy and or free energy.

Scope of Services We Can Offer

Facilities Survey for Monitoring Device Installation

Procurement and Supply

Design and Installation Package Design

Monitoring Device Installation Services

Facility Energy Management & Monitoring

Periodic Energy Reporting

Maintenance Services of your Energy Systems