Energy Monitoring for Commercial

Get your I-ON energy use

Accurate energy monitoring on rental properties and bill tenants according to their actual usage. I-on energies provide remote, accurate consumption information to enable correct tenant
re-charging, without the need for local site visits.

Our systems can provide the customer with an overall Building monitoring, Multiple occupancy Building monitoring, Single machine monitoring.
Machine monitoring allows the customer to actually see exactly how much it has cost to run a machine for any period of time. This can enable the customer to calculate how much it has cost to manufacture a component or run critical plant for a period of time.

Gas, Water & Special Fluids that are required to enable the Manufacturing Process to be carried out can be monitored by installing special meters at the Manufacturing Process Position.

All data analysis stored point within the same portal as the electrical data analysis.

Multiple units can be connected together and all data is stored on our servers. The customer then has access to the web site via login details to view all data and analysis over a period of time.

Features for your business

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Pre-set usage limits
  • Full control of energy usage
  • Full cost control