Electek Solutions (ESL) continued success both nationally and international has seen the business land a large contract in Morocco to deliver substantial energy solutions to the Youssoufia & Chemaia provinces.

The project will deliver sustainable energy to the Moroccan provinces, allowing electricity to be supplied to out-lying townships that at present do not have the basic electrical energy available, something that we all come to expect.

The project has a long term deliver plan that means the ESL business will have to double its workforce from 5 to 10 people at its Head Office, but also recruit a project delivery team that will be working between the North East and Morocco. Plans are already in place to relocate from the current ESL offices in Stanley into a larger office to accommodate the expansion of the business in the region.

David Hutchinson, Managing Director of the ESL, said:

‘This is a significant win that changes the direction of the business for next 4 to 5 years. Due to a number of national award wins that we have achieved this year, it has raised our profile and we are being recognised on different levels where doors are now being open to us, where as before they were only ajar.

We have an incredible set of employees within the business currently, but even these guys won’t be able to handle the scale of the project in Morocco with the resource that we have. I’m very excited about the coming months due to the rapid expansion and the coming years for the ESL business to truly flourish”

ESL is an amalgam of engineering skills and visionaries who are committed to a sustainable future. Their focus is to assist and advise clients on the possibilities available for them to embrace the latest technologies and to make themselves more profitable by reducing their carbon footprint and making energy savings through enhanced efficiency.