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An Introduction to ESL

Since the founding of ESL in 2015, it has developed cutting-edge, unique technology. This allows us to fully plan, install and manage all a business’s utilities remotely. We do this on a micro-level to bring a building or a whole multi-national organisation to a high level of energy efficiency.

This is done through designing a bespoke, expertly engineered utility system with full physical installation. Our company can also retrofit an existing system with its unique technology. ESL then conducts an energy audit which is unique in detail, with the ability to pinpoint areas of concern, down to an individual machine.

Once the system is in place, our team of engineers and consultants can remotely monitor energy and utility consumption, managing it to ensure that it is as energy efficient as possible.

ESL and Associates already have active relationships with partners, within the following sectors, Public Bodies, Private Energy Suppliers, Retail, Manufacturing, Minerals / Former Mineral Sites, Agricultural, Distilleries, Food Producers & Universities. Particularly through the renewables and conventional energy sectors.

The ESL Philosophy

Our focus is to assist and advise clients on the possibilities available for them to embrace the latest technologies. We help make you more profitable by reducing your carbon footprint and make energy savings through enhanced efficiency.

We fulfil a need for clients that require a single source point for a wide range of engineering solutions and sustainable technologies.

Sustainability is a keyword at the forefront of our solutions. This is why we strive to offer advanced technologies to our prospective clients.

With a vision to promote a greener planet via sustainability our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are constantly researching more effective ways of incorporating the latest technologies to both new and existing facilities.


In the short time that ESL has been in business it has already won several prestigious industry awards. In June 2018, the company won three of the North East Energy Efficiency Awards. They were also awarded 3rd place ‘Multi Measure Project of the Year’ at the Energy Efficiency Association National Finals.

In 2019 and 2020, ESL won back to back energy consultant/consultancy for the year.

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